Based on Workshop and Presenter Evaluations:

93% of workshop participants strongly agree that Inspired Instruction content is relevant to their jobs

97% of workshop participants believe Inspired Instruction consultants are well prepared, knowledgeable, and receptive

Workshop participants score Inspired Instruction presenters at 94% for all questions related to effectiveness, sustainability, and classroom focus

94% of all participants state that Inspired Instruction activities and resources are effective in implementing the concepts in the classroom

What Our Customers Say:

“As a new Superintendent in a district without curriculum I immediately began calling districts in the state to ask for references of curriculum writers. In differnet parts of the State one name kept coming up as the one to work with; Standard Solutions. Standard Solutions is a fantastic company to do business with.”

Robert Kravitz, Superintendent, Englewood Public School District, New Jersey

“The Standards Solution Company has been working closely with the Garfield School District for the past six years that I have been the Assistant Curriculum Supervisor 6-12. I can attest that the company is one that is progressive and employs personnel that are knowledgeable in their field as well as a group of accomplished people who work well with the teachers and staff. We have found that Standards Solution has enabled our district to customize Professional Development that is uniquely our own. Given the satisfaction of the professionalism and attention to detail, I would not hesitate to contract Standards Solution for your district.”

Diane Nunno, Assistant Curriculum Supervisor, Garfield, New Jersey

“Working with Ms. Cataldi and the Standards Solution team has been professional, a pleasure and their professional learning opportunities engage all participants in a hands-on, meaningful manner. I highly recommend Standards Solution every opportunity I have to my colleagues and network, and truly look forward to collaborating with them continuously.”

Janine Tubiolo, Principal, The Bronx School for Continuous Learners, New York

“I am the principal of Lodi High School and I have been working with Standard Solutions, LLC. over the last year to complete a math curriculum writing project. Throughout the entire process, I found Standard Solutions to be knowledgeable, professional and accessible. They earned the respect of both teachers and administrators at our school as their focus was practical, logical and gave teachers a framework and methodology for completing the curriculum so as to meet our needs.”

Frank D'Amici, Lodi High School, Lodi School District, New Jersey

“It has been such a rewarding experience for our district to work with them. The workshops offered are meaningful, informative, hands-on, and most importantly, easily implemented into the classroom. Furthermore, the presenters are professional, punctual, and precise with their presentation as well as with their interactions with the teachers and administration. Standards Solution is the first company we call when looking to find different techniques or basic understanding of a specific topic for our staff.”

Dawn L. Briggs, Briggs, Assistant Elementary Curriculum Supervisor, Garfield, New Jersey

“Our teaching staff praises the company consultants for the detailed and explicit explanations. The consultants have also worked with students, and they have given us tools that are applied, in every facet of learning. In many instances, the only testing preparation materials that we have utilized are those provided by Standards Solution.”

Karen Loney, Director of Research, Planning and Evaluation, Winslow Township School District, New Jersey

“Your presenters were knowledgeable and offered practical tips in how to address the standards in teaching practice. The additional support of the online tools – including assessments and lessons – offered teachers the opportunity to work with these standards easily in their classes.”

Rebecca Moody, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Pitman Public Schools, New Jersey

“Judy’s staff is genuinely interested in helping others and provides excellent professional development in a consistently positive and skillful manner. Judy and her staff are well organized and their task-oriented style matches the sensitivity needs of our diverse staff. As you can tell, I think very highly of Standard Solutions and recommend them without reservations for employment.”

Dan Rehman, Principal, West Hempstead Union Free School District, New York